Clocks, scoreboard struggle at Cats-Knicks game

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The shot clocks above the baskets stopped working before the game started. The horn went next, then the overhead scoreboard.

The New York Knicks and Charlotte Bobcats played a portion of their game Tuesday night with the public address announcer announcing when the shot clock was winding down and occasionally giving the score because of a technical glitch at Time Warner Cable Arena.

After a delay of about five minutes, the game began with no shot clocks or game clocks above the baskets. When the horn stopped working, officials at the scorer's table used a portable air horn when there were substitutions and timeouts. Officials were forced to blow their whistle to signal the end of the first quarter.

Then the overhead scoreboard froze midway through the second quarter. That left the PA announcer to occasionally give the score and announce when the shot clock was under 10 and 5 seconds.

The shot clocks and horn started working late in the first half, but the overhead scoreboard was still blank.