Clip Reel: The Oklahoma City Thunder

This, right here, is the future of Oklahoma sports. Sorry, Bob Stoops. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

In our new issue, we have a feature on the Oklahoma City Thunder—potentially the Western Conference's new "it" team a few years down the road—which you can read by clicking here. Ric Bucher's words are epic, to be sure, but sometimes when reading a story about something that hasn't quite happened yet, you want a few more resources on the squad, both print and video, right? That's where this comes in.


This is the team's Wikipedia page.

Here's their official website.

This is one of the better news sites dedicated to 'em.

This is their ESPN.Com clubhouse page.

This is the pre-eminent Thunder blog, we'd argue.

This is the Thunder index page on The Oklahoman's website.

This is one of the better forums for the Thunder out there.

This Daily Thunder website is pretty comprehensive, as well.


Here's a pretty good Thunder mix.

This one is even more comprehensive: it's almost seven minutes long and set to Will Smith.

This is a good Kevin Durant mix that also contains a bunch of other Thunder players.

Here is a good Russell Westbrook one that also contains a bunch of other Thunder players.

"Russell Westbrook: Thunder High Flyer."

A Westbrook dunk mix.

This Kevin Durant mix is called "Hero" and also features some "ill dunks."

If you'd like to see a ridic Durant dunk, albeit while the Thunder were the Sonics, click here.

Durant just absolutely racks the Rockets.

Here's some Jeff Green love: he brings the hammer down on Robin Lopez.

Green with a game-winner over the Warriors this year.

Green with the baseline slam against the West-leading Lakers.

Green kinda takes this one to Tim Duncan. Awkward.

This dunk, right here, should make you excited about the Thunder.

The Westbrook trumpet video.

Jeff Green and Kevin Durant are both Maryland boys. Watch this for more information.

The Internet is awash in cool Kevin Durant/Thunder clips. We parse it down for you.