Report: Ex-coach Wilkens weighs return

Don Nelson passed Lenny Wilkens as winningest NBA coach last season, but the battle might not be over.

Wilkens, 72, has agreed to serve as a consultant to the South Korean national team and has not ruled out a return to the NBA, according to a story on SI.com.

"If the situation was right, I certainly would consider [coaching again]," Wilkens said, according to the website. "I have not explored it. But Cleveland certainly has a good team. So does Chicago. A few teams are good and need coaches. Let's see how everything shakes out and then we'll see."

Wilkens coached in the NBA for 32 seasons and racked up 1,332 wins. Nelson passed that number, but there is no guarantee he will return to the bench this season since the Warriors' ownership situation is in flux.

In the meantime, Wilkens will travel to Seoul June 4 to work with the Koreans and put together a team that will scrimmage NBA players in the Las Vegas summer league.