Going to the end of the line

SAN ANTONIO -- What a phenomenal accomplishment for the San Antonio Spurs! There are no words to truly express just how extremely difficult it is to win as the favorite. And make no mistake about it, the Spurs had the best player, team and style and they ended this series beautifully.

Early on their youth was exposed and New Jersey's heart shone through. The Nets played with the heart and style of the championship team that I think they one day will be. But they couldn't overcome the overwhelming performances of Tim Duncan and David Robinson who are just so special as players and as people.

Duncan showed again why he is a two-time regular season and finals MVP with a dominating performance while Robinson sealed his retirement with a spectacular game that is a testament to his greatness.

This is the last waltz for Robinson and what better way to go out than to win your last game. So many players have been down this road and its been a painful one for them. But for the rest of his life, he will be able to walk around and say that "I am a world champion." To win your very last game ever played is a dream come true. One that every player has but many never see to fruition. This farewell championship couldn't have happened to a better player or a better person. This franchise, building, championship wouldn't be here without Robinson and we are privileged to bask in his incredible aura.

While thinking of Robinson and his farewell as well as the farewell of this wonderful playoff season, a song popped into my head. It's by the Traveling Wilburys and it's called "End of the line." With apologies to this amazing group, I've paraphrased some of the lyrics. I believe they are the perfect ending to a great season for the NBA and a breathtaking career for Robinson. What a season, what a man, what a song:

"Riding around in the breeze

Living the life you please

Doing the best you can

As long as you can lend a helping hand

'Cause it's alright

Even when push comes to shove

Everything will work out fine

We're going to the end of the line

Even if the sun don't shine

We're going to the end of the line."