Jackson: 'This thing is serious'

Kings guard Bobby Jackson is out of action for the NBA playoffs, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday.

While the team has not confirmed the sixth man's status, Jackson told the Bee he does not expect to return so that he can recover from an abdominal strain that has sidelined him for the past two months.

"This thing is serious. I'm not sure that everybody around here believes this injury is as serious as it is," Jackson told the paper. "I've been hearing around here that it's two- to three-week injury.

"Everybody around here knows how much I love to play and want to play. But I'd rather miss the playoffs than miss a whole year of basketball. So that's where it's at."

The Kings have kept him on the playoff roster in hopes that he might be healthy enough to play against the Dallas Mavericks, who played the Kings tough for three quarters before Sacramento pulled away for a 116-105 victory in their playoff opener. The two teams square off in Game 2 on Tuesday night at Arco Arena.

The Bee reported that Jackson said he told the Kings last week that he was not going to try to play.

Kings coach Rick Adelman, a former NBA player, said he identifies with the severity of Jackson's injury.

"I think the one thing people have wondered about is why it's taken so long for the injury to heal," Adelman told the paper. "But I mean, we are talking about Bobby Jackson. I totally understand what he's talking about because I had a very similar injury when I was playing, and I was out 11 months.

"Now, I didn't have the type of advanced medical attention there is now, but I know it's the type of injury where you can't see anything on an X-ray, but it hurts like heck. I know very well that if Bobby could play, he'd play. And if he says he can't, then there is nothing anybody can do about it."