Source: Without cameras, Cavs would have forfeited

It's hard to believe the NBA would have done such a thing, but the league threatened to call off Friday night's playoff game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons, according to a league source.

Less than an hour before the 7 o'clock tip-off for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series, a league representative telephoned Cavaliers officials and told them they would forfeit the game if they didn't reinsert television cameras in the basket area.

After watching LeBron James run into one of the cameras in Game 5 in Detroit, the Cavaliers decided not to use the cameras for Game 6 in Cleveland. But the league was insistent. Thus, the Cavs grudgingly obliged.

"I can't believe the league would put that above the safety of its players," the source said. "What if someone gets hurt. This is unbelievable."