Dr. Jack with LeBron James interview

Interview With: LeBron James

DR. JACK RAMSAY: I'm Jack Ramsay for ESPN.com here at the NBA Finals with LeBron James. 'Bron, you've had time to assess and digest Game 1. What will you do differently in Game 2?

LeBRON JAMES: Definitely try to be a little bit more aggressive on the offensive end and try to counter some of the things that they tried to do against me defensively. I think our team is very focused and mentally prepared to go out there and do a better job in Game 2.

DR. JACK RAMSAY: Let me put you through some instances: You get a rebound off the defensive board; what will you try and do with that rebound?

LeBRON JAMES: Try to push it up the floor, before their defense gets set. They are very like Detroit where if you allow their defense to set, they are very good. You want to try to beat them up the court as much as possible, and try to get some early ball screens to see if you can make a play for your team and make a play for yourself.

DR. JACK RAMSAY: You're isolated at the right wing, you have your man, Bruce Bowen, and three other defenders between you and the basket; what's your game plan for that situation?

LeBRON JAMES: Well, probably just try to attack the defender that's behind Bruce and make the easier pass and see if we can get a swing swing on the back side where we can get a better shot.

DR. JACK RAMSAY: Post ups. You try to get the ball at the post several times, Bruce Bowen fronting you, it's a good position for you; how will you be able to get the ball in this game?

LeBRON JAMES: I think my teammates is going to do a better job and I'm going to do a better job of setting my man up in Game 2 and try to create space for me to get open. You know, if I can do that and get the ball on the post, I think it's on our best effort. It gives us an opportunity to score easy. It gives us an opportunity to also ... I can attract a double team and allow someone to get open.

DR. JACK RAMSAY: High post screen and rolls, big guy comes up for you, screens for you; they in effect double you as soon as you get the ball; do you anything differently in this game?

LeBRON JAMES: Well, you first see if you going to attack the big, and if the double is very good, which is probably going to happen with San Antonio's defense; then you give the ball up and hopefully you can get it back on the other side.

DR. JACK RAMSAY: One thing that I saw you do real well, you came off a double screen on the baseline, got the ball in the paint and laid it in with your left hand; any inclination to do more of that?

LeBRON JAMES: Yeah, definitely. You know, their defense is very good when you allow them to set up, and you try to play a lot of one on one basketball at the top of the floor on the wing. So coming off screens is definitely going to be good for us. It allows me to catch, curl and go; and if not, you're going to have a pocket pass far your big. So it's definitely some things we're going to try.