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With rumors of LeBron starring in "Space Jam 2," here's a look at a potential supporting cast. (via @sportscenter)


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Final tally for refs in NBA review: 24 correct decisions, 8 incorrect decisions in last 2 minutes. But that ain't the headline. Tough job

The untold story of Steven Adams

The Thunder big man starts fights, eats pig testicles and has no problem crushing your grandma at bingo. Seven feet of not giving a crap

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Also on ESPN2 now: we ask Metta World Peace for the lowdown on Luke Walton & what it was really like in the locker room for D'Angelo Russell

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NBA says Manu stepped on line, Waiters fouled Manu, Mills fouled Adams, Kawhi fouled Russ and Ibaka fouled Aldridge. Got all that?

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Kyrie Irving has scored 20-plus points in all five playoff games for the Cavs. It's the first time he's had a streak like that since late February/early March when he did it in seven straight.

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Klay Thompson on CJ McCollum's "illegal screens" complaint: "I saw it. They gotta stop dying on screens."

Ethan Sherwood Strauss ESPN Staff Writer 

"I'm not sure what a superstar is. Because sometimes that could mean the guy with all the endorsements. Draymond doesn't have all the endorsements yet. The way I would phrase it, instead of superstar. Is he a top 10 player in the NBA? In Draymond's case, 100 percent. And I think if you asked all the coaches in the league, they would agree with me on that. He's a top 10 player."

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Prior to the start of the 2016-17 regular season, the Lakers plan to hold training camp in El Segundo, Calif., where their practice facility is located. Last year, the Lakers held training camp in Hawaii.