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Trouble for Houston when Harden sits

James Harden played the entire first quarter and took his break to start the second. The Warriors have started the second on a 10-0 run and have taken a 5-point lead. Coincidence? Live on ESPN/WatchESPN


Sloppy play when the court's not open

The Warriors are 0-of-6 when Dwight Howard contests tonight, but 4-of-5 in plays like this one from Harrison Barnes.

  • Transition: 4-of-7 FG, 1 turnovers, 8 points
  • Halfcourt: 2-of-20 FG, 5 turnovers, 9 points
The Rockets lead by 5 after one. Live on ESPN/WatchESPN


Kevin Arnovitz @kevinarnovitz

Kyle Korver had surgery this evening in New York to repair ligament damage in his right ankle. Recover time: An estimated 3 months.

Warriors surviving by running

Golden State isn't finding comfort in the halfcourt, but it is in transition. Eight of its 12 points have come via the fast break. The Warriors trail by 6 late in the first, though. Live on ESPN/WatchESPN


J.A. Adande @jadande

Warriors were 1/7 at the rim vs. Dwight in Game 4. I've got them at 0/2 tonight

Dwight rattling the rims early

Dwight Howard has set the pace early. The Rockets C has 6 quick points, but more importantly, has already drawn 3 fouls on the Warriors. Houston leads by 3 midway through the first. Live on ESPN/WatchESPN

Warriors look to close door at home

Golden State is an NBA-best 45-3 at home so far in 2014-15. Not only that, the franchise is 15-2 in series-clinching games at home. Houston looks to stop the Warriors' first Finals appearance since 1974-1975. Live on ESPN/WatchESPN

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Stars out for Game 5, 9 p.m. on ESPN

Reports are already starting to trickle in that Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and Josh Reddick are at Oracle Arena to see the Warriors take on the Rockets. Oh, and Kanye West.


Most loyal Warriors fans?

78-year-olds Marian Ours and Rosemarie Chonzena have taken the train an hour, then walked about a mile to almost every Golden State home game as season-ticket holders ... since 1988.


Ethan Strauss @SherwoodStrauss

Comical near disaster as Curry did his customary hallway sprint and nearly ran into Bogut as AB emerged from the locker room