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Over a mascot, under the legs, into history

Aaron Gordon jumped over Stuff the Magic Dragon, then put the ball under BOTH legs for the slam.


Between the legs, just inside the line

That's what Zach LaVine needed to do to win a dunk-off.


Gordon times a perfect 360 dunk

Aaron Gordon dunked the ball from Stuff the Magic Dragon, who was spinning on a hoverboard.


Around-the-back reverse jam

Zach LaVine 's first dunk: around-the-back, reverse, one-handed. Perfect score.


Photo of the night: Aaron Gordon wows

Score: 50 out of 50.


Free throw line alley-oop slam

How intense was the competition this year? Zach LaVine only got 49 points for this dunk.


Vince Carter tribute draws technical foul

Vince Carter performed this slam in a dunk contest. Memphis' Shaq Goodwin did it in a game.


Gordon's reverse windmill alley-oop

Aaron Gordon kicked off the dunk-off with a stunner.


3-point trophy stays in Splash Bros. family

Klay Thompson scored a 27 in the final round to topple Steph Curry's 23 and win the 3-point shootout. Curry won the trophy in 2015.


Towns upsets in Skills Challenge win

Karl-Anthony Towns defeated Isaiah Thomas to win the 2016 All-Star Skills Challenge. It was the first year big men were invited to participate.


Muggsy picks potential 'Space Jam 2' lineup

Who better to pick the new lineup of players that have their talents taken than one of the originals, Muggsy Bogues? The future Monstars

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Think Gordon deserved 1st? So did his bro

Drew Gordon, brother of second-place slam dunk finisher Aaron Gordon, made it crystal clear on Twitter that he thought Aaron deserved the crown. Phone smashing involved


Adam Reisinger 

Many people didn't want to have a knee-jerk reaction to what they'd just seen, but the general consensus in the media room was that was at least the best dunk contest final ever, and likely the best contest overall.

LaVine defeats Gordon in dunk-off

How good was the 2016 dunk contest? Zach LaVine vs. Aaron Gordon had shades of the Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins '88 affair.


Adam Reisinger 

Zach LaVine tells ESPN's Sage Steele he'd never tried his final dunk before.

Adam Reisinger 

Zach LaVine says he thinks this was the best dunk contest ever.


Adam Reisinger 

Zach LaVine says his favorite dunkers growing up were Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant. He wanted to defend his title because Jordan did.

J.A. Adande @jadande

Aaron Gordon on all the time he spent practicing with the Magic mascot: "Me and him are now like best friends."

Adam Reisinger 

When asked if we'll have a rematch next year, Aaron Gordon said: "I kinda did a lot of dunks." But he adds he'd come back if invited in 2017.

Adam Reisinger 

Zach LaVine says of Aaron Gordon's dunks in the final: "That was some of the craziest stuff I've ever seen."