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Howard waits out storm with fans

Dwight Howard mingled, took pictures and signed autographs with hundreds of Rockets fans in the arena well into the early hours of Tuesday morning. Hangin' with Dwight

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Severe storm in Houston after Game 4

Jeff Van Gundy on the severe weather conditions and flooding in the Houston area after Game 4: "The destruction has been massive."


Two Cavs say LeBron could best Jordan

The Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate isn't going away, as evidenced by the comments of Kendrick Perkins and J.R. Smith after Game 3. Vote on LeBron's place in history

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LeBron James: seeking 5th straight NBA Finals appearance; would be 9th player in NBA history - and first Non-Celtic - (Elias)

Windhorst: LeBron's on another level

Brian Windhorst says this is not the best that LeBron James has ever played, but he doesn't fear the Hawks and it's allowed him to pick up his game even more. "It's almost like seeing the game a little bit in code, like he's sort of figured it out. ... He knows how to control all the players on the court."

Harden's game was super-efficient

Last night, James Harden became just the third player over the last 30 seasons to score 45 points in a playoff game on 22 shots or fewer. Michael Jordan and Dirk Nowitzki did so but both needed at least 24 FT attempts. Harden needed just 13 FTA vs. the Warriors.

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Wilbon 'terrified' when Curry went down

Michael Wilbon said of Stephen Curry's scary fall in Game 4: "You're terrified. He's on the floor for that period of time, the whole team's around him and you see the replay over and over of him hitting his head."


Curry not interested in watching fall

After explaining the ordeal in great detail at the postgame podium, Stephen Curry was asked if he intends to go out of his way to avoid seeing replays of his scary fall and told ESPN's Marc Stein: "I've seen it once .... and once was enough."


Howard stuck in arena due to weather

Six to 10 inches of rain ravaged Houston Monday night, and fans were urged to remain in the Toyota Center until it passed. Rocket Dwight Howard was among those still in the arena until at least 2:15 a.m. CT. "Sleepy ... crazy ... but fine," Howard told reporters. "I'm enjoying myself with the fans."

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Steph scared fans and family alike

Curry's fall in Game 4 was just as nerve-wracking for his family as his fans. His mom, Sonya, said "This was scary, because I didn't know for a while what was going on down there." (via USA TODAY Sports)


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Filling trash bags with rain to take back to the Bay. I'll be dragging what looks like beached whale blowup dolls through the airport