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The Kobe-for-LeBron trade that never was

Brian Windhorst looks back to 2007, when the Lakers called the Cavaliers to inquire about a Kobe Bryant-for-LeBron James trade.


Steph's brilliance not limited to scoring

Steph Curry did three amazing things on this play and none involved shooting a basketball.


Steph has the best worst ankles in sports

Stephen Curry in 2012: "I feel like I've been doing nothing but rehabbing for two years. I feel like I'm never going to be able to play again." Stephen Curry in 2016: NBA MVP and world champion. How he fixed his glass ankles

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All-Time #NBArank: Kareem at No. 2

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won six championships, was a six-time MVP and got named to 19 All-Star Games. No. 2

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Windhorst: Ban like Griffin's is unheard of

Brian Windhorst told Russillo & Kanell he hasn't ever seen a suspension like the one the Clippers handed down to Blake Griffin.


Kobe's memorable moments in Cleveland

Kobe Bryant has a career's worth of memories from Cleveland, including when an 18-year-old Bryant won the dunk contest.


All-Time #NBArank: LeBron James at No. 3

James will always be able to hold something over any other Hall of Famer that came before him: No one has ever had as much hype as he has had to live up to, and James has delivered on every last drop. No. 3

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ICYMI: Pop has the secret to success

No one has ever accused Gregg Popovich of being a man of many words. He lived up to his reputation again Tuesday.


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Kevin Durant talking about how it's a little more special to him and Russell Westbrook they were voted All-Stars without having to campaign for it:


Celtics have pieces to make a big move

The Celtics are not only surging in the Eastern Conference standings, they have perhaps the best portfolio of draft picks to offer at the trade deadline. The question is, will Trader Danny make a big splash?

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All-Time #NBArank: Magic Johnson at No. 4

Magic is the only player in NBA Finals history with multiple triple-doubles in series-clinching games. No. 4

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ICYMI: Porzingis with majestic throwdown

Kristaps Porzingis had Jared Dudley looking the completely wrong way, and then jammed it over Marcin Gortat.


Chris Forsberg ESPN Staff Writer 

Doc Rivers on coaching against Brad Stevens: "It's tough. He's good. He's a heck of a coach, I think, one of the best coaches in the league. I love his offense. I love his movement. I just like everything about him. He's a great guy. He's one of the best."

Chris Forsberg ESPN Staff Writer 

Former Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers on the state of the Celtics current rebuild: "I don't know what I expected, but they are in a great spot. They are playing winning basketball. They are tough to play because they are 12 deep and they clearly have a lot of decisions to make in the next year or two. They are in a really good place. I think when you look at them compared to other teams that are in a rebuild' it's not even close. I just think they are in a really good place to take a huge next step."

All-Time #NBArank: Chamberlain at No. 5

Wilt The Stilt kicks off the top 5 of the NBA's best ever. No. 5

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Ref to Draymond Green: I was wrong

Draymond Green: Triple-double collector, Warriors glue guy and ... future debate team star?


Wall gets fancy on Porzingis

John Wall reminded Kristaps Porzingis that he's still a rookie, hitting him with the crossover and the stepback for a clutch jumper.


Broussard: Cavs are Dubs' biggest threat

And it's because Cleveland can control the tempo of the game if LeBron James handles the ball.


Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

Phil Jackson said in an interview with MSG Network that the chances the Knicks have a 'very slim opportunity' to make a trade before the Feb. 18 deadline but adds that 'we are open to it." The Knicks would love to add help in the backcourt.

Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

Phil Jackson said on MSG Network that the team noticed Kristaps Porzingis fatiguing at points during the season. Jackson said that Porzingis had been lackadaisical to start some games and was taking poor shots, which is something the coaching staff worked with him on.

Calvin Watkins ESPN Staff Writer 

James Harden sums up the missed opportunities by the Houston Rockets in the loss to Golden State.


SportsCenter anchors vs. Globetrotters

The SC anchors challenged the Harlem Globetrotters to a shooting contest. The winner probably won't surprise you.


Predicting the biggest trades in the West

Could the Clippers move Blake Griffin? What about the Rockets and Dwight Howard? The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching. Possible trades (Insider)

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TrueHoop: 2007 Kobe-for-LeBron talk revealed

It's the ultimate what-if scenario. According to multiple sources, the Lakers once contacted the Cavs about a possible Kobe-for-LeBron swap. A moment in time

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