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White Chocolate has still got it at 40

Jason "White Chocolate" Williams threaded an impossible needle at The Basketball Tournament.


Barkley: KD doesn't improve Dubs in all areas

Charles Barkley says that while the Warriors are a better offensive team with Kevin Durant, Golden State still has the same weaknesses.


Curry's new sneakers panned -- again

People on the internet don't hate them as strongly as the much-derided "Chef Curry" sneakers, but the Curry Lux still isn't a hit. The fans speak

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NBA players shocked by All-Star Game move

Commissioner Adam Silver's decision to move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte surprised Carmelo Anthony, who said players “didn't think it was going to get to this.” Silver leading, not just responding

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Historic backboard-breaking dunks

When you think shattered glass, do you envision these monster dunks by Shaq and Darryl Dawkins?


Burrell destroys rim with huge dunk

Former Gonzaga player Justin Burrell turned on his defender and threw down a massive, two-handed dunk in vicious style during The Basketball Tournament.


Brian Windhorst ESPN Senior Writer 

Jimmy Butler suffered minor ankle injury for Team USA tonight in win over Argentina. Coach Mike Krzyzewski said it was not serious.

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

Kevin Durant on playing his first game in Oakland on Tuesday as a member of the Warriors. "I really haven't thought about it. I was just looking forward to playing and getting that first game under our belt and keep grinding. I'm sure once we finish in LA I'll think about. I look forward to it though. I've never been there as a player on the Warriors so it should be fun."

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

Kevin Durant on playing with Draymond Green and Klay Thompson for the first time since becoming teammates on the Warriors: "I was lost in the game. All I saw was ‘USA' across the chest. When you're playing out there with players who know how to play the game of basketball, it just makes it so easy for you."

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

Is Kevin Durant worried about health concerns in Brazil? "Nah, we play indoors. If we would've dropped out, we would've dropped out a couple weeks ago."

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

Draymond Green with the screen and Kevin Durant with three. Get ready to see a lot of that.

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

USA-Argentina in the first basketball game at Las Vegas' new T-Mobile Arena.

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

This kid wasn't about to waste money on a new Kevin Durant jersey.

Brian Windhorst ESPN Senior Writer 

Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green playing together for first time in second quarter for Team USA

Marc Stein ESPN Senior Writer 

This new arena in Vegas looks nice from afar. But Thomas & Mack ... still a holy temple of hoop if you grew up watching the Rebs on @KDOCTV.

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

USA 32, Argentina 14 after the 1st quarter. Paul George with a game-high 10 points off the bench.

Marc Stein ESPN Senior Writer 

Biggest concern for Team USA one quarter into their Quest For Gold: These new beige Kappa unis that Argentina's rocking are ... disorienting

Marc J. Spears The Undefeated 

USA's DeMarcus Cousins with 8 rebounds in 1st quarter vs Argentjna

Arash Markazi ESPN Senior Writer 

The first basketball game in Las Vegas' new T-Mobile Arena has tipped off.