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Black hat fits Paul Pierce just fine

Pierce has done his fair share of talking against Toronto, but is he really a villain? "It's not that I'm a bad guy." Pierce said. "That's just the role you portray to media on the court, on the road. Everybody is booing you, no one likes you. I embrace it. It fuels me, truthfully." Follow live

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Rebounds the difference for Celtics

Boston has 9 offensive boards and a 21-14 edge in total rebounds, and that advantage has translated to a Celtics lead that's nearing double digits and that has silenced the Cleveland crowd. Follow live


The second quarter belongs to I.T.

He might not be the NBA's 6th Man of the Year, but Isaiah Thomas is doing his typical spark-plug thing off the bench for Boston. He has scored or assisted on all but one Boston bucket in the second, and the Celtics are hanging tough with the Cavs. Follow live

Kevin Pelton @kpelton

Iman Shumpert blew the layup, but Kevin Love grabbing an offensive rebound in traffic and finding Shumpert cutting is encouraging.

It's a Zeller's market in Cleveland

Even Kendrick Perkins, the famed Dwight Howard stopper, can't slow down Tyler Zeller, who had 9 points and 4 boards in the first quarter. The Celtics ripped down 7 offensive boards in the frame and lead Kyrie Irving (9 points) and the Cavs by 1. Follow live

Kevin Pelton @kpelton

Jared Sullinger is going to get all the open 3s he wants with Perk chasing him around the perimeter.

Amin Elhassan @AminESPN

Kyrie never posted a day in his life but he saw Thomas and decided to become Sam Cassell all of a sudden.

Kevin Pelton @kpelton

After giving up 15 offensive boards in Game 1, Celtics went first 8 minutes without one before that last Cleveland possession.

Dave McMenamin @mcten

The Cavs have 4 turnovers in the first 6 minutes of the 1st Q. LeBron has 3 of them. BOS up 16-8.

A turnover unlike any other

Backcourt violations really aren't that common in the NBA, but it's even rarer to see one off of a player's head. LeBron James whipped a pass that nailed teammate Tristan Thompson and flew over the timeline, and it's been that kind of night for Cleveland early. Kevin Love has two fouls, and the Celtics have the lead. Follow live

Kevin Love leads off again

Does two games in a row make it a trend? In Game 1, Love missed the first Cavaliers shot of the night, but he drilled a triple to get things started in Game 2, and the Cavs and Celtics are off to a fast start. Follow live

Bruce Bowen @Bowen12

Congrats @ATLHawks Coach Of the Year Bud, so proud of what you've done with that group over the past 2 years. Keep up the good work!

Kevin Love holds the key for the Cavs

It's not that Cleveland is overlooking Boston. LeBron simply knows what the Cavs need. "It's very important that Kev stays involved," James said. "For our ultimate goal, Kevin has to be in the rhythm [...] and feel like he's a part of what we're doing, which he is." Follow live

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Michael Wallace @WallaceNBA_ESPN

Both LeBron & Riley destined to be among NBA's all-time greats even if they never hooked up. Both enhanced the other's legacy while united.

NBA playoff Game 2's tonight (ET)

  • Celtics at Cavs, 7 p.m. (Cavs lead 1-0)
  • Wizards at Raptors, 8 p.m. (Wiz lead 1-0)
  • Mavs at Rockets, 9:30 (Rockets lead 1-0)

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Michael Wallace @WallaceNBA_ESPN

This Riley-LeBron ordeal is exactly reason I'm glad Cavs-Heat playoff matchup didn't happen. No need for nonsense to tarnish great 4yr run.

Running through the 6 with Drake? No

The rapper was scheduled to host a pregame presser before the Raptors host the Wizards, but travel woes forced Drake to cancel his appearance. NBA fans will remember this forever.

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Mike Mazzeo @MazzESPN

Was really hoping Drake would be able to confirm that woes is really working on excellence or the close friends you can share your woes with

No end to boos for Joe Johnson

“[My Atlanta friend] and I just sit back and laugh about it,” said the former Hawk who is booed constantly any time he plays in Atlanta. “And they ask the question, ‘Why?’ But none of us can really come up with an answer, so we just move forward with it, and it’s not that big of a deal.” Block it out

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