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Kobe Bryant on retirement

Kobe Bryant addressed the media to explain how he came to the decision to retire at the conclusion of the 2015-16 NBA season.


Washington in awe over Beckham's catch

Offensive lineman Trent Williams said it best: "That wasnt human. ... I was speechless. The guy is not from this world." Will Blackmon, who was defending the Giants WR on the grab, said: "Im like, Great, now Im going to be on NFL Films highlights forever." (Via The New York Post)

Gasol has fantastic H.O.R.S.E. shot

Sure, this header into the basket didn't count for Marc Gasol and the Grizzlies. But we're still pretty impressed.


Kobe Bryant's Top 10 plays

Forget the guy who shot 4-of-20 last night. Black Mamba has more than made up for it over the course of his Hall of Fame career.


Jordan draws nothing but air, twice

Why do teams intentionally foul DeAndre Jordan? This trip to the free throw line explains it perfectly.


Marc Stein @ESPNSteinLine

All-Lefty Teamer Isaiah Thomas is averaging 21.1 PPG and 6.0 APG. Only other Celtics to do that for a full season? Bird, Havlicek and Cousy

Rewind: Kobe Bryant's 81-point night

Take a trip back to Jan. 22, 2006 when Stuart Scott brought us all the highlights of Kobe Bryant's 81-point performance against the Raptors.


Lakers, Kobe fall to Pacers

On the day he announced he'd retire at the end of the season, Kobe Bryant scored 13 points on 4-of-20 shooting from the field in Los Angeles' 107-103 loss to Indiana.


Players, Celebs react to Kobe's retirement

Pau Gasol, Scottie Pippen, Justin Timberlake and many more shared their thoughts on Kobe Bryant's retirement announcement. Big love for Mamba on Twitter


Dwight Howard's thoughts on Kobe Bryant

It's no secret Howard and Bryant have a somewhat frosty relationship. So when asked if he had learned anything from his former teammate, Howard laughed and said: "Awww man. We're going to go to the next question." But he also praised Kobe saying "[He's] one of the greatest to play the game."

Richard Mackson/USA TODAY Sports

Baxter Holmes ESPN Staff Writer 

Fans received a letter from Kobe Bryant at tonight's game at Staples Center. Why? "Theyve got to know how much theyve meant to me," Bryant said. "And a letter doesnt do any justice, honestly. I grew up here. Its important for people to understand how serious I take that and why I would never  despite many offers  go some place else. It would just not happen. This is my home and I wanted to let them know how much theyve meant to me, how much I appreciate them. Even a letter cant do it justice."

Baxter Holmes ESPN Staff Writer 

Kobe Bryant on his decision to retire at the end of this season: "Ive talked to several players. Ive been fortunate enough to actually be able to pick up the phone and call a lot of my muses and speak to them and kind of get their perspective on what they went through. But ultimately its a decision that I had to make. What do I feel? Do I want to play again or dont I? Its a very simple question, but its a hard question when you look in the mirror to ask yourself. The reality is, no, I dont, so why belabor it?"

Kobe Bryant in his own words

With the Lakers' star announcing he'll retire after this season, take a look through his legendary career.


Dwight welcomes Porzingis officially

And an official introduction for a rookie from Dwight Howard is a dunk over, on, through, everywhere. Poor Kristaps.


Kobe was a star among stars

Kobe Bryant has been selected to the All-Star team 17 times in his career, behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (19) for the most in NBA history. He's also tied with Karl Malone for the most first-team All-NBA selections (11).

AP Photo/Matt York

Will road finally lead to Dubs' defeat?

The Warriors will take their record 18-0 start to Salt Lake City on Monday for the first of a seven-game road trip. Will they return home with 25 wins stuffed into the overhead bin?


Kobe's place in history

When he retires at the end of the season, Kobe Bryant will be third on the NBA's all-time scoring list, behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone. Bryant is 17th in career games played, needing only 44 more to move up to 11th.

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Kobe Bryant at the podium

Kobe Bryant is speaking to the media for the first time since announcing we would retire after the seasonearlier in the day. Live on SportsCenter

Baxter Holmes @BaxterHolmes

Kobe on MJ "Hes actually one fo the first people that I told over the summer." What did Kobe say? "This is it." MJ: Just enjoy it."

J.A. Adande ESPN Senior Writer 

Kobe has been very philosophical in this news conference....even while answering questions in Spanish, talking about "corazon" and "amor"

Baxter Holmes @BaxterHolmes

Kobe says he didnt consider retiring now: "Theres so much beauty in the pain of this thing. Says he wants to play a full season.

More Bryant from the podium

"If I had a burning desire to continue to play, I would. I wouldn't second guess it. I wouldn't be sitting on the fence. I feel solid."