Robin Lopez smacks Chris Paul in rebound tangle: 'Maybe I overreacted'

Lopez ejected after hitting CP3 (0:50)

After trying to get a rebound underneath the basket, Knicks C Robin Lopez smacks Clippers G Chris Paul in the face. Lopez received two technical fouls and was ejected from the game. (0:50)

NEW YORK -- Robin Lopez was ejected from the New York Knicks' 28-point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers after smacking Chris Paul in the face.

"Things were getting pretty chippy out there," Lopez said after the 116-88 defeat. "It happened so fast. Kind of hard to recall, but maybe I overreacted a little bit. What happened, happened. I'm OK with it."

Lopez and Paul got tangled up in the third quarter as they both went after a rebound. Neither player could control the ball. As it bounced away, Lopez smacked Paul in the face.

Paul declined to discuss the incident in detail after the game but said, "I don't think I hate anything more than getting my lip busted. I can't eat for like a week, two weeks."

After reviewing the play, referees whistled Lopez for two technical fouls, yielding an automatic ejection. Paul Pierce and DeAndre Jordan each received a technical foul as well. Jordan had stepped in between Paul and Lopez, pushing Lopez away.

"I was upset about it," said Jordan, who had 20 points on 7-for-7 shooting, including several alley-oop dunks. "Chris is the smallest dude on the floor, and he's one of our leaders, so we've got to protect him. I didn't like it. But basketball's an emotional game, and it got out of hand a little bit. But it's cool."

Paul probably frustrated Lopez and the rest of the Knicks with his play Friday. He finished with 16 points and 13 assists, leading the way for Los Angeles in the Knicks' most lopsided loss of the season.

"Chris can be frustrating at times," Jordan deadpanned.

Jordan also jokingly said he would ask Paul to pay the fine he will receive for his role in Friday's incident.