Jason Kidd holds practice ahead of Tuesday return to bench

Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd led practice Monday ahead of his scheduled return to the bench Tuesday for a home game against the Orlando Magic.

Kidd, 42, talked to the players about his December hip surgery. He explained that he didn't need the surgery because of his age but because of how hard he pushed himself as a player during 19 seasons in the NBA.

"Sometimes you don't understand that as a young player," Kidd said. "But if you're going to sacrifice a body part for wins or to be able to play the game at the highest level, are you willing to do that?

"For them to see that piece of metal that went into my body, it was probably eye-opening, because it wasn't just a little piece. I missed the game. There's nothing like competing and seeing guys have success."

Kidd said he will learn by the end of this week whether doctors will clear him to travel with the team on its three-game road trip next week.

He also commended interim coach Joe Prunty for the job he did in his absence. The Bucks went 8-9 with Prunty leading the team.

Entering Monday night, the 19-27 Bucks were 19-27 and in 13th place in the Eastern Conference, five games behind the eighth-place Miami Heat. Milwaukee needs a spark to jump back into the playoff race.

Kidd said he would like to see more emotion from his players. He said being able to watch other teams during his recovery showed him an important facet that his team was missing.

"It was something I talked with the guys about, cheering each other on. Wins always bring teams closer together, but [for] championship teams, losses bring them closer together," Kidd told reporters, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "So for us, when we lose, we can't break apart. We've got to become a tighter group. As a young group, sometimes you don't understand that."

He said the Bucks can accomplish that with as simple a gesture as a high-five.

"I talked about how championship teams touch each other ... handshakes, chest bumps, whatever it may be," Kidd said. "For us, we have to get to that level."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.