NBA lockout: Players react on Twitter

Sad day for basketball fans everywhere, "Take it or leave it" is what we heard from the owners so here we are...apologies to the fans!Fri Oct 21 01:12:39 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

You know its sad when people don't even try and hide their greed..#NBALockoutFri Oct 21 01:15:43 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

We know how important the fans are, and apologize for those who work for NBA organizations who are directly impacted by this.Fri Oct 21 03:06:20 via Twitter for iPhone

What would u do if ur boss called u into the office and told u that business is the best it's ever been but that he's made some bad...Fri Oct 21 02:26:41 via Twitter for iPhone

...business decisions and he needs u to take a pay-cut?!?!...We said ok! How much do u need?!?! They said $300m...We said Cool!...Then...Fri Oct 21 02:30:29 via Twitter for iPhone

...They said No, lets make that $500m lol #UrKiddingMeRightFri Oct 21 02:31:41 via Twitter for iPhone

need more of these charity games... give back to the fans and concession workers in arenasFri Oct 21 03:24:44 via web

I'm so proud of @DerekFisher and our union for speaking their minds on the CBA negotiations. The truth needs to be heard. #StandUnitedFri Oct 21 13:55:06 via Twitter for iPhone

Just a summary. The players know how important the fans r to what we do. Would not jeopardize that unless we knew we r being exploitedFri Oct 21 01:24:58 via Osfoora for iPhone

I want to personally apologize to all the #NBA fans and every1 else affected by this stupidity. I really hope that this can be resolved soonFri Oct 21 00:37:57 via web

Today was a disappointing day.Thu Oct 20 23:43:15 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Sad day for our fans. All our apologies to our fans and the people who love our game as much as we do.Fri Oct 21 01:15:31 via Twitter for iPhone

I don't even know how some of these owners sleep well at night...all the lives being effected...players, workers, FANS! #thisisunrealFri Oct 21 02:01:23 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

So disappointing!!! What a brutal day for the NBA!!!!Fri Oct 21 00:54:43 via Twitter for iPhone