Greivis Vasquez's mother uninjured

Stray bullets fired during an apparent gun battle at a penal institution west of Caracas, Venezuela struck an apartment across the street and missed the mother of New Orleans Hornets guard Greivis Vasquez.

Venezuelan national Vasquez confirmed on his Twitter account that his mother, Ivis Rodriguez, was not injured during the incident, in which at least one person in his mother's apartment complex was killed by the bullets and three others were injured.

"Thank God my family is fine! It was a big scare but I already spoke to my mother and she's fine!" read the post on Vasquez's Twitter account.

Rodriguez, whose apartment is located approximately 300 meters from the penal institution, confirmed to the RCTV.com web portal that she was fine and that some bullets entered her home. El Nacional, a known Venezuelan newspaper, also reported the incident with Vasquez's mother on its website.

A riot erupted Tuesday at La Planta penal complex in El Rosario vicinity and shots were fired between gangs controlling the prison and military police called on to restore order. The incident lasted approximately two hours.