Forecast: 2012-13 Team Turnaround

Originally Published: August 27, 2012

Brooklyn NetsAP Photo/Mary AltafferWith Deron Williams and Joe Johnson in tow, the Nets are looking to open with a bang in Brooklyn.

Several NBA teams are looking to take a leap in the standings after a busy offseason. Which one will make the biggest turnaround this coming season?

For foresight, we surveyed 100 of ESPN's best basketball minds, including contributors from, the TrueHoop Network, TrueHoop TV, Daily Dime Live, ESPN TV, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, espnW, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN Insider, ESPN Fantasy, ESPN Games,,,,,, ESPN Stats & Information, ESPN Topics and ESPN Analytics.

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Here's the voting breakdown:

Forecast: 2012-13 Team Turnaround

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