If you can't stand the heat ...

The Mag makes predictions for all 30 NBA teams

Originally Published: October 18, 2012
By ESPN The Magazine and Basketball Prospectus | ESPN The Magazine

LeBron JamesRon Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty ImagesThe conclusion of The Mag's team predictions should make LeBron smile.

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Last season, LeBron James led the Heat to the NBA title by means of a full-on half-court makeover: fewer long-range jumpers + more low-post play = greater efficiency = better team. But what if every team had an impact player who completed a similar transformation? We asked Kirk Goldsberry, creator of CourtVision Analytics, to identify the star on each franchise most in need of a LeBron-style makeover and to offer a cure for what ails that player's game. Then, since two eggheads are always better than one, we had the geniuses at Basketball Prospectus project each NBA team's season through simulations of every game. The consensus? A Heat-Nuggets Finals. The winner? Let's just say, not one, not two ...



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