#NBAMVP rankings: LeBron still No. 1?


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2011-12 STATS

@NBAonESPN MVP is given to the best player on the team with the best record. LeBron will win it #NBAMVPWed Feb 08 22:22:30 via web

LeBron deserves to the #NBAMVP as of now because he is putting up huge point, rebound & assist totals for the third best team in the NBA.Wed Feb 08 22:39:10 via web

(Previous rank: No. 1)

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2011-12 STATS

With ESPN's #NBAMVP rankings updated today (http://t.co/b9yjZ45h), I have a serious question: Can KD win the MVP WITHOUT the scoring title?Wed Feb 08 22:17:36 via web

So much talk about the #NBAMVP and CP3. My vote goes to @KDTrey5!!! He's 6'10" and unguardable! @stephenasmith "He is NBA's best scorer." #KD35Wed Feb 08 22:18:01 via Twitter for iPhone

@NBAonESPN #NBAMVP without Kevin Durant OKC wouldn't be as good as they are now. He's always clutch for his team. He should be No. 1.Wed Feb 08 22:23:57 via web

(Previous rank: No. 2)

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2011-12 STATS

Why is Derrick Rose above CP3 on #NBAMVP ?Wed Feb 08 22:01:04 via web

@NBAonESPN #NBAMVP Rose still has a chance the season isn't over.Wed Feb 08 21:58:32 via HTC Peep

(Previous rank: No. 6)

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2011-12 STATS

@NBAonESPN #NBAMVP Kobe Bryant at four seems right. Without him, Lakers are not having a winning record this season. Four straight 40-point games!Wed Feb 08 21:30:57 via web

Kobe should be the #NBAMVP @NBAonESPN @NBA. He's the greatest in the game. Ask M.J. Wed Feb 08 21:55:02 via web

(Previous rank: No. 4)

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2011-12 STATS

@NBAonESPN #NBAMVP Chris Paul does everything well. Defending, passing (mostly with Alleys) and scoring. He deserves #5 spot.Wed Feb 08 20:52:16 via web

@NBAonESPN Chris Paul is the only top 5 #NBAMVP candidate in Los Angeles! He should be ranked higher, especially among LA guards!Wed Feb 08 20:51:42 via web

(Previous rank: No. 7)

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6. DWIGHT HOWARD, MAGIC  @DwightHoward

2011-12 STATS

@NBAonESPN Most Valuable thing Dwight can do for his team is commit to Orlando and give the franchise some security #NBAMVP 6: Dwight HowardWed Feb 08 20:57:21 via TweetDeck

@NBAonESPN #NBAMVP D12 is having his usual MVP-like season, but I feel odd backing an MVP when we don't know which team he'll MVP on. Wed Feb 08 20:57:09 via web

(Previous rank: No. 3)

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2011-12 STATS

@NBAonESPN #NBAMVP Best PF this season so far and it's not even close. Wed Feb 08 20:29:21 via web

@NBAonESPN Don't hate on Kevin Love just because of that certain incident. He's my #2 #NBAMVPWed Feb 08 20:36:50 via web

We live in an age where winning isn't as important as it used to be. People saying Kevin Love for #NBAMVP and his team is barely over .500. No.Wed Feb 08 21:06:15 via web

(Previous rank: No. 5)

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2011-12 STATS

#NBAMVP Tony Parker has been doing it all lately. Scoring when needed, and racking up assts when needed. He's been the glue with Manu outWed Feb 08 19:45:51 via web

I like seeing the Spurs get the respect they deserve, Tony Parker #8 in @NBAonESPN's #NBAMVP rankings. #GoSpursGoWed Feb 08 19:43:00 via web

I like that pick. Spurs silently makin a run in the West. RT @NBAonESPN: #NBAMVP 8: Tony Parker. http://t.co/qTN67ol0Wed Feb 08 19:41:28 via Twitter for Android

(Previous rank: NR)

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2011-12 STATS

#NBAMVP Since Jan.1, Westbrook has better FG percentage, 3-point percentage, points, rebounds and steals per game than Derrick Rose while playing 10 percent fewer mpg. Wed Feb 08 19:16:38 via web

"@NBAonESPN: #NBAMVP 9: Russell Westbrook. http://t.co/WHUhQx5S"
He should be up on the list. He will be better then Derrick Rose. Wed Feb 08 19:24:17 via Twitter for iPhone

For all the Russell Westbrook fans comparing him to Derrick Rose, Rose does not have Kevin Durant. #NBAMVPWed Feb 08 20:58:37 via web

(Previous rank: No. 8)

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2011-12 STATS

FINALLY! Some love for LMA! RT @NBAonESPN: #NBAMVP 10: LaMarcus Aldridge. http://t.co/UqOSVCvnWed Feb 08 18:51:21 via TweetDeck

So Aldridge is 10 in the #NBAMVP but we are not completely sure if he's going to be selected to play in the All-Star Game. Something's wrong.Wed Feb 08 18:50:56 via web

@NBAonESPN #NBAMVP LaMarcus, rightfully in the top 10. He is having the second best season by a PF this year.Wed Feb 08 18:50:46 via web

(Previous rank: NR)

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