Pelican puts down Shinn's manuscript

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A book by New Orleans Hornets owner George Shinn about the bitter move of his NBA franchise from Charlotte isn't coming out now.

The publisher said Monday it has canceled the book, partly because of fears it would alienate Charlotte residents and longtime Hornets fans.

"The quality of the writing and his treatment of sensitive issues raised concerns," said Stephanie Williams, senior publicist at Louisiana-based Pelican Publishing. "In general, Charlotte is an important market to us, and we want to be very careful not to offend anyone."

The 192-page book, titled "Never Give Up," was due out in October. It was pitched as Shinn's account of "the agony and acrimony of the team's final decade in Charlotte."

Pelican's editors had already gone through two revisions of the manuscript and asked Shinn to do more rewriting, but he would not commit, Williams said. "Shinn was not happy with the results, and we weren't willing to wait forever," she said.

Shinn and his public relations staff did not return calls Monday. Shinn moved his team to New Orleans after years of failed negotiations to get a new arena built in Charlotte and an increasingly bitter relationship with Charlotte fans. An arena is now being built for an NBA expansion team, the Charlotte Bobcats, which will begin playing in 2004.