GaTech suggests penalty for playing ineligible athletes

ATLANTA -- Georgia Tech has proposed going on NCAA probation
for one year for allowing 17 athletes to participate in four sports
from 2000-2004 even though they should have been ruled academically

The NCAA infractions committee is scheduled to review the case
this weekend in Indianapolis and issue a ruling in six weeks.
Athletics spokeswoman Allison George confirmed Wednesday the school
has suggested probation.

Georgia Tech and the NCAA enforcement staff agreed that the
widespread nature of the infractions implied a "lack of
institutional control," and that the errors were inadvertent.

But NCAA precedent and advice from the Atlantic Coast Conference
led Tech to suggest the probation, athletics director Dave Braine
told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"We're throwing ourselves on the mercy of the court," Braine

It would be the first probation for the Yellow Jackets.