Drake updates look of mascot

DES MOINES, Iowa -- It's all in the sneer.

Drake University's new bulldog logo is more streamlined and makes the school's mascot appear more like a real bulldog than a cartoon.

A 12-member task force asked students, faculty, parents and alumni for ideas as they worked on the new logo, which made its debut Tuesday.

"Our new logo is a product of much feedback from various constituents both on and off the Drake University campus," athletic director Dave Blank said.

The old version of "Spike" had the dog walking upright in a letter sweater with a human-looking grimace and clenched fists. The new version puts a muscular Spike back on all fours and shows movement as the dog swings around the "D" in "Drake."

"You want people to look at one small design in text, art and color and think, 'Oh, that's Drake University,"' college president David Maxwell said. "We got what we wanted."

The logo was designed by New York-based Phoenix Design Works, which has designed high-profile logos for events such as the Super