Should alcohol be allowed at college games?


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Should alcohol be allowed at collegiate sporting events?

Henley Henley

"I think the alcohol policy for sporting events should be left up to each school and its athletic department. Alcohol at sporting events tends to make fans more rambunctious. This means there needs to be more security and event staff in the event of unruly fans. If there is not adequate event staff and security, then alcohol should not be served. Alcohol sales are a great way for schools to create revenue, but it does not come without a price."
-- Tyler Henley, Rice baseball

Murphy Murphy

"I do not think alcohol should be allowed at collegiate sporting events. The focus should be on the athletic competition, and I think the availability of alcohol may detract from this focus."
-- Meghan Murphy, Notre Dame women's lacrosse

Tidwell Tidwell

"Tailgating is a big part of the fun at many collegiate sporting events and alcohol is usually involved. When used responsibly, alcohol obviously does not pose a threat to anyone or anything. However, as we all know, tailgaters can sometimes get out of hand with alcohol use. It would be idealistic and naive, though, to think that a law banning alcohol from sporting events would be very feasible or enforceable. Instead, law enforcement officers should always be on the scene and ready to deal with those who abuse their privileges."
-- Tyler Tidwell, Navy football

Alexander Alexander

"College sporting events should be treated just as professional sporting events. Universities are looking to make a profit at these sporting events, and if that means selling alcoholic beverages, I do not have a problem with that -- as long as the laws are abided by and underage drinking does not take place."
-- Cori Alexander, Portland women's soccer

Vetter Vetter

"I think that if you are over the age of 21, you should be able to have an alcoholic beverage at a sporting event. I think it would actually make it safer at some schools because I know at our games people drink way too much before the game because they know they can't drink during it."

-- Jessie Vetter, Wisconsin women's hockey

Wileman Wileman

"I think alcohol should be allowed at college sporting events. It would boost attendance for all sports. As long as it is done legally, then I dont think it would be that big of a deal."
-- Chase Wileman, SMU men's soccer

Anosike Anosike

"Yes, if it's in moderation. I feel that adults who pay to attend the game and pay for a ticket should be allowed to do whatever they feel they need to do to have an enjoyable time."
-- Nicky Anosike, Tennessee women's basketball