NCAA to reconsider outright ban of text messaging recruits

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA will reconsider three rules,
including one that bans coaches from sending text messages to
recruits, at its Aug. 9 board of directors meeting.

The board could reaffirm the text messaging decision, reject the
decision or create new legislation. Current rules place no
restrictions on text messaging with recruits. The new rule is
scheduled to take effect Aug. 1. Should the board make changes, the
rule would be rescinded. If it is affirmed, the rule would remain
in place until a January vote at the NCAA's annual convention in
Nashville, Tenn.

Many of the schools that appealed the original legislation said
they favored some text messaging restrictions but not an outright

The board also will consider override requests on rules that
limit roster size and financial aid available for college baseball
teams and date changes for the men's and women's golf seasons.

Last year was the first time an override vote was taken at the
national convention. Delegates upheld a rule to allow Division I-A
football teams to play 12 regular-season games, but rescinded
legislation that allowed graduate students to transfer to a new
school and play immediately.