SMU athletes to accept donations for Virginia Tech during game

DALLAS -- Southern Methodist University student athletes plan
to accept donations during Monday's football game to give to
Virginia Tech to distribute to the survivors and families of those
killed during a mass shooting last spring.

The athletes will be stationed at each of the gates of Ford
Stadium during the game with Texas Tech to accept donations and
distribute white balloons to be released following a moment of
silence before the game.

Virginia Tech president Charles W. Steger said he was thankful
for the support.

"Such expressions of care and compassion during our darkest
hours have lighted our road to recovery. We are forever grateful
for your support and kindness," Steger said.

Seung-Hui Cho shot 32 people to death and injured 25 others
before taking his own life April 16 on the Virginia Tech campus.

The school has received more than $7 million in contributions
that are to be distributed among the injured and families of those