Hi, My name is Mark

Editor's note: This season, former NFL player and ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth and his son, Arizona reliever Daniel, will keep a running journal on ESPN.com of Daniel's season. Mark outlines what it's like to watch a son compete through a father's eyes in the first part of the series.

It has been a great couple weeks for my son Daniel and the University of Arizona baseball team. Since losing the season opener, the Wildcats have won 10 consecutive games and Daniel is pitching very well.

Sadly I haven't been able to make all of his games due to work commitments for ESPN. But I've been able to keep up with his team through the athletic department's live webcast of the games and let me tell you that has been extremely frustrating for me. I don't mean this as a knock in any way against Arizona's webcast, but I'm just the type of fan who wants to be at the stadium and not only see the pitch but also hear it and see the context of everything that is going on around Daniel and the team. The past few times I've tried to use the webcast though, my hotel's Wi-Fi hasn't been the best and the broadcast has suffered to the point where the screen has frozen midpitch or I've only been able to get audio. In those cases I rely on a buddy of mine to text me with what is going on as much as possible so that I can stay on top of the game.

That's what has been so amazing about Daniel's time with Arizona. I don't just watch the games to root for him and his team to do well, but I've become a major fan of college baseball. I love the passion these kids play with and the way the parents and students are in the stands rooting for their friends and family. This is a total family affair.

I look forward all week to getting off whatever plane I'm on so that I can get to the games and start watching.

I do believe my newfound addiction to college baseball has become slightly annoying at times to Daniel. There have been several occasions where he has had to ask me to stop asking him questions about the team and what's going on with the coaches and stuff because I'm constantly bombarding him trying to get information.

It doesn't matter when or where we are for me to start asking questions. It could be after a game in his apartment or when the family is out to dinner. In a way I've become as addicted to college baseball as some people have gotten to fantasy football. I want more information every day and am constantly on any Web site and/or talking to any person who can give it to me.

I wish there were an Eric Karabell for college baseball so that I could bother the heck out of him for information. Of course I'm sure Daniel wishes there were one too so I'd leave him alone sometimes.

Mark Schlereth, a three-time Super Bowl-winning lineman, is a regular contributor to ESPN.com.