Hiller speaks with Belichick about the challenges of repeating

Football and lacrosse aren't often thought of together, but the spirit of competion is the same. And that's why Amonte Hiller looked to a successful football coach for advice heading into Sunday's women's lacrosse championship.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Northwestern coach asked Patriots head man Bill Belichick how to keep her team focused as the Wildcats went for their fourth straight title.

Belichick, who played lacrosse in high school and college, obliged.

"Anyone who follows lacrosse in this country knows who Kelly is," Belichick said in an e-mail to the Tribune. "She is a legend. Anyone would take her record."

Hiller was surprised to hear back from the coach who has led the Patriots to three Super Bowl championships.

"A lot of people have talked about our team being a dynasty, and the Patriots have won so much, I felt he could relate to where we are," Hiller said, according to the Tribune. "So I called the Patriots. But I never thought he would call me back."

According to the newspaper, the two coaches talked about how losing late regular-season games helped focus their teams.

"I wouldn't characterize our conversation as advisory," Belichick said, according to the newspaper. "She's doing pretty well on her own. We had a nice chat about their season, where they were undefeated until the end. I always like to talk with great coaches about their experiences."

The chat might have helped as the Wildcats beat Penn 10-6.