Nike EYBL Day 3 recap

HAMPTON, Va. -- The last day of the first session of the Nike EYBL featured more excellent play and a lot of top-level talent participating on every court. With so many top-level players participating it is definitely the best team event on the summer circuit. It is great to see so many talented players competing and playing hard against one another in one venue.

Standout players

Rodney Purvis (Raleigh, N.C./Upper Room)
2012, SG, 6-foot-3 | Team: CP3

Since last summer, when Purvis rocked the King City Classic, the scoring lead guard has proven to be a player who can carry a team. Purvis was at it again on Sunday when he attempted to put CP3 on his back. A bullishly athletic wing, he's best when in attack mode. The Louisville-bound guard is a mix of power and determination and excels at getting into the lane and making a play.

Justin Anderson (Rockville, Md./ Montrose Christian)
2012, SF, 6-6 | Team: Boo Williams

His improvement in the last year has been well documented. Anderson has always been a jaw-dropping athlete, but has really improved as a basketball player. He is now a solid 3-point shooter and a great rebounder for his position. He hit a huge 3-pointer versus Team Takeover to put the game into overtime (though they eventually lost the game). He should be a very good contributor at Maryland and if he continues to improve, there's no telling how far he can go.

Elijah Macon (Columbus, Ohio/Marion-Franklin)
2012, PF, 6-9 | Team: All-Ohio Red

He has excellent natural instincts for the position. Macon made strides and showed off a polished offensive arsenal, which included a perimeter package that looked reliable to midrange. Long and athletic, Macon is wired up to be more aggressive and ready to play a bigger role.

Brandon Ashley (Oakland, Calif./ Bishop O'Dowd)
2012, PF, 6-9 | Team: Drew Gooden Soldiers

He is a super long and skilled power forward who has gone from a role player on last year's Soldiers squad to the go-to guy this year. He is as talented as any post in the class because he has an extremely versatile game and can operate inside or out to 19 feet. He is comfortable with the ball on the perimeter, but is best when going to work inside 12 feet. Ashley is one of the most intriguing players in the class due to his length, talent and potential.

Arnaud Moto (Alexandria, Va./ Episcopal)
2012, SG/SF, 6-5 | Team: Team Takeover

Moto is a very athletic and talented wing. He had one of the best dunks of the weekend when he cocked back and threw down a windmill from his ankles versus CP3. Moto has improved in the last year with his consistency and has become almost dominant. He is a natural scorer who is dynamite in transition, as well as a solid shooter with range to 20 feet and an excellent slasher to the basket. Look for him to be a mover in our rankings this year.

Shaq Goodwin (Decatur, Ga./ Southwest Dekalb)
2012, PF, 6-8 | Team: Memphis YOMCA

He is a monster in the paint, as well as one of the better rebounders and low-post scorers in the class. Goodwin has now added ballhandling to his repertoire. He is not a point or wing player by any means, but he can help on the press and is comfortable driving the ball to the basket from the mid-post area. Goodwin has definitely improved as a player and a prospect.

Breakout Players

Montay Brandon (High Point, N.C./ Wesleyen Academy)
2012, PG, 6-4 | Team: Georgia Stars

He is a long, skilled combo guard who is turning into a dynamic point guard. Brandon has grown a few inches in the last year and is now a legitimate 6-4. He is fast with the ball and can score or dish. A player with his size and talent, at that position, is a very hot comodity this time of year.

Kyle Washington (St. Louis Park, Minn./Benilde-St. Margaret)
2012, PF, 6-8 | Team: Howard Pulley Panthers

It wasn't until the second viewing that Washington made a strong impression. The 6-8 power forward is a little on the quiet side, but he's building his basketball ego. If he can replicate his Sunday strides then we'll be talking about a big who will play in a BCS conference. Washington has the length and natural tools. Offensively, the lefty has a hook with either hand and with added weight and strength will come the confidence. His progress could mirror that of a younger Ralph Sampson Jr.; a potential late bloomer.

Jerami Grant (Hyattsville, Md./DeMatha)
2012, PF, 6-7 | Team: Team Takeover

The Grants put a lot of players in college and their share in the pros. The recent editions seem to be more of the late-blooming variety and Jerami may have turned the corner this weekend. He displayed more offensive aggression, ability to rebound and readiness to impact games in the lane. If he bottles up the effort and duplicates it again, we could very well be talking about a national level Top 100 prospect.

Terry Rozier (Shaker Heights, Ohio/Shaker Heights)
2012, PG, 6-0 | Team: All-Ohio Red

He is one of the fastest rising players in the class. The scoring point guard with good length and athletic ability put 21 up on CP3 in a close victory. Rozier is an effective slasher who can find teammates or the rim. He is also a good shooter with range to 22 feet and is a talent who will probably see his recruitment blow up very soon.

Kenny Kaminski (Medina, Ohio/Medina)
2012, PF, 6-7 | Team: All-Ohio Red

He is probably the best high-post shooter in the class. If he catches it clean with his feet set, you can just about count it. He has also improved his toughness and his rebounding ability. Kaminski is a weapon on offense and is tremendous on pick-and-pop plays. He should be an extreme asset at Michigan State and a player the Big Ten will dread playing against.

Ones to watch

Theo Pinson (Greensboro, N.C./ Oak Ridge)
2014, WF/WG, 6-4 | Team: CP3

He is a dynamic talent for a freshman who starts on CP3's U-17 team. He is a very long, athletic solid scorer who is still developing, but shows flashes of brilliance. Pinson needs to improve in several areas (shot consistency, defense, strength..etc) but his potential is limitless.

Andrew Wiggins (Toronto, Can./ Vaughn Secondary)
2014, WF, 6-5 | Team: CIA Bounce

He is perhaps the best freshman in the werstern hemisphere. Wiggins is very athletic and very skilled. He is an excellent slahser and a solid shooter to 19 feet. His motor is not always running but his talent is unmistakeable. Rumor has it that he is thinking of attending school in the United States in 2011. Our doors are open Mr. Wiggins.

Tyus Jones (Apple Valley, Minn./Apple Valley)
2014, PG, 6-1 | Team: Howard Pulley

He is a pure point guard who won't overwhelm you with athletic ability, will amaze you with winning basketball plays. He has no wasted motion, no frills just buckets. He probably has the highest basketball IQ of any young player we have seen. Jones is an excellent passer and a good shooter. He is something to watch.

Jalen Lindsey (Murphreesboro, Tenn./ Presbyterian Academy)
2014, WF, 6-7 | Team: Tennessee Travelers

Lindsay oozes potential. He is long, tall, skilled and you can see his talent. Playing in the U-17 division, he is a little frail and not quite assertive enough, but that should come in time and he could evolve into one of the more dynamic players in the class. Get on board now because the Lindsay train could be taking off soon.

Justin Jackson (Houston, Texas/ HCYA)
2014, SF, 6-6 | Team: Houston Hoops

Jackson is smooth, long and skilled. He is an excellent shooter with range to 22 feet, but can also put the ball on the floor effectively and create scoring opportunities for himself and others. He has good size and may still be growing (has grown two inches in the last year). He has to be one of the top five players in the 2014 class right now.

Antonio Hearn (Akron, Ohio/ Kenmore)
2012, PG, 5-9 | King James Shooting Stars

Hearn is a scoring point guard who had a great weekend for King James. His 19 points were instrumental in his team's upset defeat over Boo Williams. Hearn is quick, can score off the dribble and his rather strong body allows him to score through contact. He has also improved as a shooter and was knocking down 17- to 19-footers all weekend.


• The U-15 divsion was won by Meanstreets of Chicago. It defeated the Boston Amateur Basketball Club (BABC) 56-55 on a last-second 3 pointer by 5-7 freshman PG Tyler Ullis (Marian, Ill./ Catholic). The U-16 division had co-champions as Chicago Meanstreets and Chicago Mac Irvin Fire decided not to play each other due to travel constraints. The final four teams -- Baltimore Elite, Meanstreets, Mac Irvin Fire and CIA Bounce -- all qualify to participate in the Peach Jam Sweet Sixteen Tournament in July in Augusta, Ga.

• PF Jarnell Stokes of Memphis YOMCA saved his best for the last day, as the big fella went for 28 points and 18 rebounds. Stokes, who is one of the top players at his position in the 2012 class, has great hands and a dominant disposition. He is a Corliss Williamson-type and was a bull on the block, showing a great feel and explosiveness around the rim.

• In a year where the point guard position is considered to be very thin, many are waiting for a few to step their game up to the elite level. 2012 scoring PG Braxton Ogbueze of the Chalotte Royals did that this weekend. He is a tough, smart leader who can shoot the basketball. He has a good feel for the game and he knows when to look for his own scoring opportunities and when to create for teammates.

• SG Ricardo Ledo of Albany City Rocks is as talented as they come at the wing position. He scores effortlessly and is a transition specialist who can create for himself or his teammates. He consistently made high-level plays throughout the weekend and has the ability to elevate his team when he gets it going. Off-the-court issues may scare some colleges away, but whoever ends up with this young man is going to have a talent to work with.

Rondae Jefferson (Chester, Pa./ Chester) is a long, left-handed scoring SF who has a knack for putting the ball in the basket in transition and he's a jumper away from becoming a star. His defensive potential can be equally impressive because he can guard the perimeter and the post. His early list of favorites are Kentucky, UNC, Pitt, UConn and Villanova.

• With an abundance of talent over the weekend, the best 3-point shooter was 6-4, 185-pound Matt Jones (Desoto, Texas/ Desoto). His shot is clean and accurate with the confidence to take it and make it from beyond the arc. He was very consistent this weekend with his jumper and had a good understanding of how to use his shot fake and dribble pull up. The Big 12 is on his mind right now as far as recruiting goes, but it's early.

• The second session of the Nike EYBL begins April 30 in Dallas.

John Stovall, Mike LaPlante, Paul Biancardi and Dave Telep contributed to this piece.