Rebecca and her friends take some time to relax before exams

Welcome to finals week in college.

This is when the campus seems empty and the normal buzz usually on the streets is gone. This is the week when all students are doing last-minute cram sessions to make sure we can fit everything we can in our brains. This week could also be named "the week of the brain cramps." So, before this week started, we ended the semester with a blast.

Friday was our last official day of class. If you didn't already know, Thursdays are the new Fridays on college campuses. So, being the last Thursday of the semester, the whole team went out to the local club on Franklin Street named Players. I had a blast! I love to dance and I don't get embarrassed. So, clubs are great places to have fun, dance and have one last hoorah with the team. The next day was very laid back and everyone was very excited because it was the last day of learning.

After a final day of class, a few of us from the team decided we would have some fun at a place called Frankie's. Frankie's is this really fun place that has go-carts, laser tag, putt-putt golf and some other fun things. Now, being athletes, everything is a competition with us. We all buckled up on the go-carts and I looked at Cetera and said, "It's on!" We are flying around the track and I am sliding past people with ease. I rolled beside Cetera and our manager Cat and they got mad. So, instead of letting me pass by, they tag-team and spin me out. I see Cetera on the other side of the track pointing at me and just laughing her head off.

So, maybe laser tag will prove to be more successful. We are all standing in this glow-in-the-dark room with our laser guns on our backs. We receive our rules and march out to the floor like troopers. Cetera was on my team this time, so she was lucky. If she would have been on the other team, I probably would have been gunning for her. The game starts and before you know it we are done with sweat beads dropping off our heads. I walked up to the computer outside and looked for Player 1, which was me. Our team won and I came in first place with the most points. "Oh yeah, I destroyed y'all!" I said. I had to let them know who was around every corner and crack just shooting them down.

We finished our night with some putt-putt golf. I love golf and if I wasn't playing basketball, I'd be a golfer. So, we size up for our putters and of course, I had to give Cetera a hard time, "T are you sure you don't need the green putter?" The green putter was clearly much shorter than ours, she just rolled her eyes, but she knows we love her. We start our journey on Course 3. I think it was the most difficult one because there were trees and bushes everywhere. So, on one of the holes, there was two ways you could go. One was a narrow path that put you right in front of the hole and the other was the easy way out. I went the hard way because that is just how I am. So, I hit my pink ball and it bounces off the rock and starts rolling off the course down through the mulch. I start yelling and take off after it. I found it and said, "Don't worry I will hit it from hereā€¦.I'm Tiger Woods!" I have never seen Cat and T laugh so hard before.

Friday was great and we still had Saturday to look forward to. Saturday night was the Boyz II Men concert in the Dean Smith Center (where the men play their games). I was so excited because they are one of my favorite groups of all time. So, I got ready and met up with Cat, T and our other manger Bri. We call ourselves the Fantastic Four because we are so close. We found our seats and sang along with almost every song that was played. Their music is very easy to listen to and every song is a good one. After the two-hour concert, we were inspired by the music and decided to go dance at Player's again. So, we danced into the night and left for a late-night trip to Waffle House. If you are ever hungry at like 4 in the morning, you can guarantee Waffle House is open and it is always good. That weekend was one of the best times of my life!

The most important part of this time of the year is to take a break and relax. If you plan on playing summer ball, which I am sure most of you are, you need a break. Basketball will take up a lot of time and it is important to step away for a little while. My senior year of high school around this time, I took time to rest and support my friends who supported me in my season. I went to softball and baseball games to cheer on my friends and I had a blast doing it. I hung out with other friends and just took time to chill out and enjoy life. When you are away from the game for a while, it is much more enjoyable to come back to it. You can sometimes get burned out and just taking a step away and coming back is very good for you. I know when I do that, I appreciate the game so much more.

Enjoy this time in your life because you can't come back and redo it. Have fun and enjoy the warm weather that is coming. Appreciate the people around you make sure you live up every moment you can!

Until next time, stay cool and keep ballin' y'all!

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