Bama commit plans to enroll early

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -- Phillip Sims (Chesapeake, Va./Oscar Smith) is one of several skilled quarterbacks slated to play in the Under Armour All-American Game on Jan. 2. This past week, he received his jersey at a ceremony in front of family, coaches, teammates and friends.

Sims is just as impressive on the hoof as he appears on the gridiron. The dual-threat signal-caller has a great football presence and has the entire repertoire of passes, whether he's throwing from the pocket or when on the move. The Alabama commit has set the all-time high school passing record for the state of Virginia.

Sims is a player who thrives under pressure. While speaking about the quarterback position, he emphasized there is a lot of pressure not to let his teammates down, but at the same time, it is a great motivating force. He likes to have the ball in his hands when the game is on the line.

Sims thinks his best attribute is arm strength -- especially the ability to go deep when necessary. He likes to throw the deep comeback and post routes and is becoming a real student of the game. He enjoys diagnosing defenses and wants to even get better at reading coverages and recognizing blitzes. Sims understands that the game gets more complex at each level of competition.

He is really looking forward to attending Alabama and cited the fans and the coaching staff as the primary reasons he chose the Crimson Tide.

"It is the perfect place for me; the atmosphere is unbelievable," Sims said.

He plans to graduate high school early and enroll at Alabama the Monday after the Under Armour All-American Game.

"Playing in the Under Armour Game is a great honor and I'm looking forward to getting to know the other outstanding players from around the country," Sims said. "Some of those guys will be my teammates and some will be the competition in the future; it should be real exciting."

When asked who his football role model is he didn't hesitate, saying, "Carson Palmer because of his passing ability and leadership skills."

Bill Conley is a recruiting coordinator for ESPN Scouts Inc. He previously worked at Ohio State for 17 years as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator.