Hundley shines at Clarkson's camp

PASADENA Calif. -- Conditions were wet and very rainy during Steve Clarkson's Dreammaker Tour and even though it was not an ideal day for a throwing event, some prospects really stood out.

QB Brett Hundley (Chandler, Ariz./Chandler)

Without question, Hundley was the most physically impressive prospect on hand Saturday. A terrific blend of measurables and tools, Hundley consistently displayed why he has drawn such early interest and offers from schools in BCS conferences. In terms of stature, Hundley (6-foot-2, 196 pounds) looks like a trimmer Donovan McNabb with a thick, defined physique and lower body.

The ball jumps out of his hand with tremendous pop and velocity -- the type of wrist snap you cannot coach. He is capable of making all the necessary throws at the collegiate level, even if off balance. His arm is comparable to Phillip Sims (Chesapeake, Va./Oscar Frommel Smith), who was last year's No. 1 quarterback prospect, only Hundley is not yet quite as smooth in his delivery mechanics as Sims at the same stage. It is clear that Hundley has spent considerable time in the shotgun, but he's not far off from being a competent rhythm and timing passer from under center in the three- and five-step drop passing game.

As Hundley continues to develop, look for him to work on relaxing his upper body and as a result become less robotic in his movements. There is outstanding upside in this young man and he appears to have a good work ethic and desire to be good at his craft.

QB Kyle Boehm (Cupertino, Calif./Archbishop Mitty)

You could argue that Boehm's arm is as strong, if not stronger, than Hundley's with the same RPMs on all throws. Boehm also has above-average measurables and a muscular, strong frame. However, he is more of a pro-style, pocket passer with the ability to make all the throws -- many into tight spots to intermediate targets -- when his feet are set and he transfers his weight from his back leg and hips.

Boehm also showed the ability to improve from the previous drill to the next and continued to impress with his footwork, adequate pocket movement and knack for squaring his shoulders to the target when throwing on the move. He carries the ball at shoulder level and there is very little wasted motion in his delivery. He can really hum it when he gets into rhythm.

However, he needs to start throwing with the newer, tougher-to-grip footballs that will be required of him at the next level. I know as well as anyone that when you find that perfectly smooth, worn-in ball that allows for great spin and wrist snap that there is a tendency to rely on it and it becomes a bit of a crutch. Better to get used to different balls now and learn to generate the same zip when the ball isn't quite as comfortable. This will benefit Boehm down the line.

QB Trevor Gretzky (Westlake Village, Calif./Oaks Christian)

It is finally going to be Gretzky's time to shine at Oaks Christian after backing up Nick Montana the last two years and if he continues to focus his efforts on football and has a strong senior year expect his recruitment to heat up.

Saturday it was clear that Gretzky fundamentally is in baseball mode because his mechanics and delivery were altered from what we saw a year ago. He is a tremendous athlete with almost a 40-inch vertical leap, good height, a lean frame and deceptive ability to move around the pocket and keep plays alive. His footwork and ability to drop from center were as good as anyone in attendance.

Once Gretzky develops consistent ball carriage and delivery mechanics, we would expect his accuracy to all levels to really jump. Gretzky just needs to play the game and as a first-year starter this fall, experience is what he needs to enhance his exposure.

QB Michael Eubanks (Corona, Calif./Centennial)

Eubanks was clearly the most impressive prospect of the group in terms of pure measurables alone. Standing almost 6-5 with a frame that has plenty of room to grow and develop, Eubanks will gain value in the recruiting process because of his options from a positional standpoint.

He is a raw player with lots of tools to work with, but fundamentally from the ground up has some work to do to become a consistent, accurate passer. It is easy to see why he is drawing interest and we are not so sure he wouldn't make for a terrific tight end or possibly defensive line prospect at the next level. He has the arm and work ethic to warrant an investment under center and is a great kid. He is reminiscent of 2006 class QB Josh Freeman in stature, but not quite as smooth a passer yet. We expect interest in him to skyrocket over the next several months and he could be coveted in the same way former quarterback turned defensive lineman James Boyd was, who is now at USC.

QB Daxx Garman (Southlake, Texas/Carroll)

Garman recently transferred to Carroll from Choctaw, Okla., and we expect him to have a terrific year in one of the country's most storied programs. Garman reminds us a lot of Class of 2010 prospect Scotty Young (Denton, Texas/Billy Ryan). What he lacks in ideal arm strength and measurables, Garman makes up for in quick feet and a quick release.

He is going to be a late bloomer and may lack ideal height now, but there is room to grow and develop bulk on his lean frame. He got better and better throughout the day and the ball really started to pop off his hand. However, Garman may find some challenges at the next level with batted balls due to his three-quarters release point and is one of those kids who will benefit from being in the shotgun, while using his feet to find throwing lanes. His arm strength looks enhanced because he can get rid of the ball so quickly.

Tom Luginbill is the National Recruiting Director for ESPN Recruiting.