Texas San Antonio
S. FranklinF--0-40-21-2336201351
J. HillF--5-131-50-00553013411
I. NujicF--0-20-02-2011000142
M. Johnson IIIG--6-124-82-30330001318
M. Hale IIIG--3-62-43-40555203111
T. WoodF--0-20-21-2224201111
K. BurrageG--2-82-51-4167100017
S. PayeG--0-00-03-4112100003
J. SimsG--0-00-00-0000000000
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Technical Fouls: 1
McNeese State
D. RichardF--1-20-00-0156011032
D. GuidryF--3-70-04-51340101310
P. RichardG-F--6-160-54-548124014316
J. MitchellG--3-143-130-1033200139
D. CannonG--6-131-33-40443201216
R. TurnerC--2-40-00-0347101114
K. HardyG--0-00-01-2101111141
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Technical Fouls: 0


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