Howard Triche

"He wasn't supposed to be a good shooter."

Shortly before that shot, I remember standing at midcourt. We were shooting free throws or something, maybe with 45 seconds left, and I kept thinking, "This is going to happen. We have an opportunity here."

And then at that moment, the only thing I was thinking was that I had to contest the shot. I got there a little late so I just wanted to contest it.

But I also was never thinking it was going to go in. He wasn't supposed to be a good shooter. Of course, we know how that worked out.

It seemed like it took forever, like time was moving pretty slow when the ball was in the air.

As soon as he scored, I thought someone had called timeout. I thought maybe even I put my hands together. We eventually got the timeout but we really could have used a few more seconds.

I've never watched the game since. I've seen bits and pieces but never all of it. I still keep thinking one day that shot doesn't go in and we'll win.