George Lynch


Coach [Dean] Smith gave us the freedom to go and trap whenever Derrick [Phelps] had pressure on the ball … and we kept doing it during the championship game. [Earlier in the game], they had to burn a timeout, because they couldn't get the ball inbounds because of the choking press we were putting on them. And after that, the refs went to both benches and said they didn't have any timeouts left.

It just so happened that late in the game, [Chris] Webber gets the ball [on a rebound] and he travels, and the referees miss that, and then he pushes the ball up the sideline. I don't know what else we could have done except put pressure on the ball … and he pushed it to the corner, and they didn't have any timeouts left. And it was kind of rough, because going up the sideline, his teammates saw that the trap was coming, and more than a few people were calling "timeout! timeout!" And I don't know if they were saying "no timeout," or "call a timeout."

It happened so fast, when I'm walking back [to the bench], I'm thinking, "I thought they didn't have any timeouts," not knowing Coach Smith was sending Donald Williams to the line to take the free throws.

It was rough, because hindsight on everything -- you think they would have been prepared for anything going down the side. But I probably would have done the same thing -- rushing to the corner, my teammates saying "timeout." I don't know that I would have thought, "we don't have a timeout" and made a different decision than that.