Bob Knight's 1976 national championship team at Indiana is the last to go undefeated.
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10. Immaculate IU

"There will never be another undefeated team in college basketball." You hear that a lot, and whether or not it's true feels beside the point. What we know for sure is that you will never see another team like the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. In our overcoached and overhyped era, Bob Knight's 1976 machine ran hard-pick-setting motion offense and played straight man-to-man defense. It had five stars on the floor or zero. It fought through legendary practices. Its players rarely gave interviews and almost never showed up in public without sport coats. They became the standard by which all college teams would one day be measured, both on and off the court, and the dragon Knight would chase unsuccessfully for the rest of his career.
-- Eamonn Brennan