College Basketball Confidential

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This story appears in the Nov. 30 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

The AP and coaches have let us know what they think. Isn't it way past time to hear from those who matter most? We got 100 players from 23 Division I conferences to come clean on every topic from gamblers and agents to coaches and cheerleaders. And all we had to do was promise to keep their names and schools to ourselves.

You can start with the first question right here or you can jump to any question below. And don't forget to see how your own answers stack up next to the players and the rest of Sportsnation via the embedded polls on each page.


1. Who is the nation's best player?
2. How many teams should be in the NCAA Tournament?
3. Do you ever notice the other team's cheerleaders?
4. Do you think college players should be paid?
5. Were you ever offered money as a recruit?
6. Should there be a 4-point line?
7. Have you ever been approached by an agent?
8. If you had to do it all over again, would you pick the same school?
9. What is the best program in college basketball?
10. What is the most overrated program in college basketball?
11. Do you think any of your teammates are taking PEDs?
12. Have you ever bet on a game or been approached about throwing one?
13. How many times each week are you hit on just because you play college basketball?
14. Who's the nation's smartest coach?
15. Who's the last coach you'd play for?
16. Do you trust your coach?
17. Which school has the biggest home court advantage?
18. Have you ever hooked up in your arena?
19. Do you think you have any gay teammates?
20. Who will win the 2010 tourney?

Compiled by Morty Ain, Elena Bergeron, Anna Katherine Clemmons, Matt Giles, Ian Gordon, Ryan Hockensmith, Dan Hodes and Liam McHugh