CBS announcer apologizes to players' father

CHICAGO -- CBS broadcaster Eddie Fogler apologized to the
father of Georgia players Jarvis and Jonas Hayes after scrawling a
profane remark on a telestrator during the Bulldogs' second-round
loss to Southern Illinois on Sunday.

During a commercial break late in the second half, Fogler -- in
his first season at CBS -- drew a circle around a camera shot of
James Hayes, who was sitting with his wife, Yvonne, and other
Bulldogs supporters. Fogler also scrawled a profanity on the
telestrator, along with "me" and circled them.

CBS said the national television audience never saw the remark,
which was removed before the network got back from commercial. But
they were seen on dozens of United Center monitors throughout the

When the broadcast resumed, Fogler praised the Hayes' parents,
calling them great disciplinarians and people.

"I have great respect for the Hayes family. I even know Mr.
Hayes," Fogler said after the game. "I made a mistake. I was
referring to myself when I wrote (the profane comments)."

The Hayes twins played their first season for Georgia after
transferring from Western Carolina after the 1999-2000 season,
leading the Bulldogs to a share of the SEC East title. Jarvis Hayes
led the conference in scoring and Jonas was a valuable reserve for
the Bulldogs.

Fogler -- who was coaching at South Carolina at the time of their
transfer -- said he wrote the comments in jest because James Hayes
didn't call him to let Fogler know the brothers were available.

Fogler said he talked to James Hayes after the game, and that
Hayes was "disappointed, and I understand his disappointment. I
agree with his disappointment. But why would anybody do that over
national TV? Come on."

James Hayes declined comment to the Associated Press. Neither
Hayes player knew anything about the incident after the game.

Fogler, who coached the Gamecocks for eight years, resigned
after last season when the university didn't extend his contract.