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NCAA Statistical Leaders

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Note: Only players from NCAA Tournament teams are listed.

1. B. Goldman, Unknown82.
2. T. Besecker, Unknown91.
3. C. Hernandez, Unknown29.
4. Jason Hass, Unknown26.
5. Donte Smith, Unknown137.
6. K. Ramstetter, Unknown91.
7. T. Jones, Unknown71.
8. J. Wallace-Carter, Unknown78.
9. Chad Wise, Unknown123.
10. P. LeMaster, Unknown82.
11. Prileu Davis, Unknown104.
12. Chris Marcus, Unknown49.
13. Greg Richter, Unknown75.
14. Scott Benken, Unknown62.
15. Brandon Sims, Unknown135.
16. Andrew Kouwe, Unknown61.
17. Trevor Meier, Unknown112.
18. N. Root, Unknown117.
19. J. Sichting, Unknown61.
20. Nick Huge, Unknown82.
21. M. Dudas, Unknown72.
22. Mike Moore, Unknown124.
23. Andy Grunst, Unknown72.
24. Jeff James, Unknown163.
25. Dan Quinn, Unknown111.
26. B. Michaelson, Unknown143.
27. Tyler Amaya, Unknown254.
28. Brett Olson, Unknown192.
29. Tyler York, Unknown111.
30. M. Hoover, Unknown43.
31. P. Martelli Jr., Unknown131.
32. J. Jenkins, Unknown194.
33. R. Caldwell, Unknown91.
34. D. Archey, Unknown3030.
35. John Allen, Unknown257.
36. Ryan Lawson, Unknown3025.
37. Hollis Price, Unknown3034.
38. B. Northern, Unknown2911.
39. S. Novak, Unknown2815.
40. JJ Redick, Unknown3030.
41. Mike Goia, Unknown3013.
42. Logan White, Unknown195.
43. G. McNamara, Unknown2935.413.
44. Brian Wilson, Unknown3030.
45. F. Williams, Unknown2828.311.
46. Kyle Korver, Unknown3331.717.
47. James Davis, Unknown3226.510.
48. K. Johnson, Unknown3118.
49. L. Flores, Unknown2938.824.
50. Will Roach, Unknown165.

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GMS: Games, PTS: Points, REB: Rebounds, OFF: Offensive rebounds, DEF: Defensive rebounds, TOT: Total rebounds AST: Assists, TO: Turnovers, A/T: Assist/turnover ratio STL: Steals, BLK: Blocks, PF: Personal fouls FGM: Field goals made, FGA: Field goals attempted, FG%: Field-goal percentage, FTM: Free throws made, FTA: Free throws attempted, FT%: Free-throw percentage, 3PM: 3-pointers made, 3PA: 3-pointers attempted, 3P%: 3-point field-goal percentage, PPS: Points per shot

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