Judge's ruling last step at local level

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A judge rejected Bob Knight's request
to reconsider the ruling dismissing the basketball coach's lawsuit
against Indiana.

Friday's ruling by Judge Kenneth Todd is the last step for the
complaint at the local level. The next step would be for Knight to
ask the Indiana Court of Appeals to consider the breach-of-contract

University spokeswoman Jane Jankowski said the school was
"pleased the court continues to support our position that we
complied with the terms of coach Knight's contract."

Telephone messages were left Saturday at the home and office of
Knight's attorney, Russell Yates.

Knight had been the coach at Indiana for 29 years when Myles
Brand, then the university president, fired him in 2000.

Knight, now coaching Texas Tech, sued Indiana last year. He
contended the school violated his employment agreement and cost him
$2 million in media, endorsement and camp fees.

On Oct. 6, Todd ruled a trial was not needed because there was
no dispute about the facts, and the law was on the school's side.

On Friday, the judge said Knight was terminated under a contract
provision that allowed either the school or coach to end the
employment at any time without giving a reason.

The school faces three other lawsuits related to Knight's
firing: one by The Indianapolis Star seeking public records; one by
a group of fans alleging a violation of the state public-meetings
law; and one by former assistant coach Ron Felling.