Auburn denies wrongdoing

AUBURN, Ala. -- The NCAA claims Auburn University representatives provided a car for the mother of a high school basketball player and arranged wire payments to another prospect in hopes of signing them.

The NCAA's Notice of Allegations, dated Sept. 2 and released to
The Associated Press on Thursday, details allegations involving the
recruitment of the prep athletes, previously identified as Chadd
Moore of Huntsville and Jackie Butler of McComb, Miss. Both signed
with other schools.

Moore and Butler played summer ball for AAU basketball coach
Mark Komara of Huntsville, whom the NCAA alleges was a
representative of Auburn and was involved in improper recruitment.
Komara has said he was not a representative of Auburn and denied
the NCAA allegations.

Auburn has denied that money or a car were offered to the two
athletes. Auburn officials said that only "minor mistakes"
involving campus visits were made and that they will "propose
appropriate penalties." The school makes its formal case to the
NCAA Committee on Infractions on Feb. 13 in Phoenix, Ariz.

A ruling could take up to three months, and Auburn can appeal.

The NCAA, which has conducted a 21-month investigation, also
alleges a representative of Auburn wired or arranged the wiring of
six payments to Butler totaling $3,125. The representative was not