Judge approves defense request

WACO, Texas -- A psychiatrist will evaluate the former Baylor University basketball player accused of killing an ex-teammate, his attorneys said Friday.

A judge approved a defense request seeking to have the
psychiatrist as a witness in the case against 22-year-old Carlton

One of Dotson's lawyers, Abel Reyna, said he did not know when Dotson would be evaluated but said the findings will help attorneys decide whether to seek an insanity defense.

Dotson is charged in the death of Baylor forward Patrick
Dennehy, 21, who was shot twice in the head last summer in a field
near the Waco campus. Dennehy was missing about six weeks when his
body was found in July a few days after Dotson's arrest.

Dotson was arrested in his home state of Maryland after calling
police from a supermarket, saying he was hearing voices and needed
counseling. Officers took him to a hospital, where he contacted the