Van Breda Kolff contends wrongful dismissal

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- St. Bonaventure University has asked a federal judge to dismiss former men's basketball coach Jan van
Breda Kolff's $21.55 million wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

In the school's first legal response to the suit, lawyer Judy
Hernandez argued van Breda Kolff had no basis for his claims, and
noted that a clause in his contract allowed the school to dismiss
him without cause.

In a 43-page document submitted to U.S. District Court in
Buffalo last week, Hernandez also asked that the court consider
imposing sanctions against van Breda Kolff's lawyer for filing a
claim not supported by law.

Van Breda Kolff was fired in April 2003 following a school
investigation after junior forward Jamil Terrell was ruled
ineligible for failing to meet NCAA junior college transfer
guidelines. Terrell earned a certificate in welding at a community
college before transferring and playing for St. Bonaventure for
most of the 2002-03 season.

The Atlantic 10 stripped the team of its conference victories
and barred it from its league playoff tournament, moves that led to
Bonnies players boycotting the final two games of their season.

Van Breda Kolff, an assistant with the NBA New Orleans Hornets
last season, has argued that he was not aware of Terrell's status.
He had three years left on his contract and owed about $1 million
prior to his dismissal.

His lawsuit also includes claims of libel, invasion of privacy
and injurious falsehood.

Last February, the NCAA cleared van Breda Kolff of committing
any violations, but noted that he was one of at least five school
officials who were aware of questions of Terrell's eligibility but
failed to contact the A-10 or the NCAA.

University president Robert Wickenheiser resigned in March 2003,
and accepted the blame for approving Terrell's transfer.