AD awaits word from Martin about retired number

University of Cincinnati athletic director Bob Goin says he is "saddened" by Kenyon Martin's request to take down his retired jersey from Fifth Third Arena, the Cincinnati Post reported.

"I have not received anything official [from Martin]," Goin told the Post on Friday. "I'm hoping he will reconsider."

Goin didn't attend last Thursday's roast and tribute to deposed coach Bob Huggins and said he has not talked to Martin about his wishes to have his jersey and trophies removed from the basketball offices. Goin said he has no plans on having Martin's number taken down until he hears from Martin personally.

Martin told the crowd at Huggins' roast that he didn't want his name associated with the university any longer.

"If he's not affiliated with the university, I don't want to be affiliated with the university," Martin told the crowd. "That's how I feel, I'm telling you how I feel in my heart. It may sound selfish to you fans who supported me over the years, but it's a choice I had to make as a man."

Martin's No. 4 is one of three numbers retired by Cincinnati, along with the No. 12 of Oscar Robertson and the No. 27 of Jack Twyman. Martin is the only one of the three to play for Huggins.

"Without Coach Huggins, my name never would have been affiliated with them," Martin said last week. "I don't want it because of the way it ended. It wasn't right."

Martin was one of 32 of Huggins' former players to attend the roast at U.S. Bank Arena. Current interim head coach Andy Kennedy and assistants Keith LeGree and Frank Martin were also in attendance, as were current Bearcats Eric Hicks and Armein Kirkland.