NCAA set to release men's, women's RPI publicly

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament committees will release the Ratings Percentage Index on their Web site starting next week.

It marks the first time the NCAA will publicly release the RPI ratings, which are used to help select the postseason tournament fields. Updated rankings can be found at www.ncaasports.com from Feb. 2 through the end of the season.

"One of the committees' primary objectives over the last few years has been to increase the transparency and understanding regarding the process of selecting teams for the tournament," said Craig Littlepage, chairman of the Division I men's selection committee. "We think that announcing the results of the RPI ranking on a weekly basis has its benefits."

The committees decided to release the RPIs later in the season to give a clearer picture of where teams stand.

"We chose this point of the season to release the RPI because the composition of each team's schedule is comprised of a blend of non-conference and conference games," said Joni Comstock, chairwoman of the Division I women's selection committee.