Rasmuson resigns, had 63-129 record at N. Colorado

GREELEY, Colo. -- Northern Colorado's Craig Rasmuson said he knew the time would come when he would no longer be a head basketball coach, and when that day came Monday, he stepped into a new job as a full-time fundraiser for school athletics.

"This is an opportunity to get into college athletic administration," Rasmuson said. "I felt all along this would be my next step if coaching ever ended."

Rasmuson, 36, resigned after compiling a 63-129 record in seven seasons. His decision was first reported in Monday's editions of the Greeley Tribune.

Rasmuson did not say whether his won-loss record entered into his decision.

"It's just the right time to make this move," he said in a statement.

Athletic director Jay Hinrichs, who accepted the resignation, didn't offer anything more.

He said one of Rasmuson's duties will be raising money to improve facilities.

"We know that Craig will be able to get donations quickly," he said.

Last week, as Northern Colorado neared the end of what would be a 5-24 season, Hinrichs said he would take his time in determining Rasmuson's future, but he acknowledged some urgency.

"This is also very much a two-way street because coaches want to know what's in line for them in the future," he said. "They want to know where they're headed other than just one year in advance."

Northern Colorado is completing the third year of a four-year move up from Division II to Division I. The Bears will play in the Big Sky Conference next season.

"We come off a basketball season that wasn't quite as successful as we'd have hoped," Hinrichs said. "I know that Craig and his coaching staff aren't as pleased as they liked to be."

Before going to Northern Colorado, Rasmuson was 66-66 in five seasons as coach of Lincoln Memorial, a Division II school in Harrogate, Tenn.