Report: TCU player is charged with sexual assault

Fort Worth, Texas, police charged a Texas Christian University basketball player and two former TCU athletes with sexual assault.

According to a report on The Dallas Morning News' Web site, police said one of the men invited an 18-year-old freshman woman to his dorm room on Oct. 13, promising to pay back money he owed her. Instead, he and two other men drugged and sexually assaulted her, the woman told police.

Fort Worth police Lt. Dean Sullivan told the newspaper that investigators found the woman's bra and some cash belonging to her in the room of Virgil Taylor, 19, a former basketball player.

"They gave her something to drink and she thinks it was contaminated, which caused her to lose consciousness and she was apparently sexually assaulted from there," Sullivan said. "There's enough [evidence] to establish probable cause."

Taylor was arrested along with Lorenzo Jones, 20, and basketball player Shannon Behling, 19.

Jones was cut from the football team last week for an unrelated violation of team rules.

The three men were in jail Saturday, each on a $25,000 bond.

University officials said they have begun expulsion proceedings for the three students.