South Carolina forward Gray has turf toe, might redshirt

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Chad Gray, a promising forward for South
Carolina, stubbed a toe during practice and might redshirt this

He was injured Tuesday and diagnosed with turf toe, coach Dave
Odom said. The Gamecocks (7-2) host North Carolina-Asheville on
Thursday and Jacksonville on Friday. Gray will miss both games.

"He's in a walking boot and will be re-evaluated at the end of
the week," Odom said. "There is a possibility we could redshirt
him now. That's something that will be determined later in the
week. I am not going to sacrifice a whole year for 10 games."

The 6-foot-7 forward joined the team about a week ago when he
was admitted to the university. His admission this fall initially
was denied because of concerns over his former prep school, which
had been on a list of those being looked at as "diploma mills" by
the NCAA. The NCAA later permitted schools to accept Florida
Preparatory Academy athletes.

"The kid's been through a lot. We have to be there for him,"
Odom said. "The only good thing I can find that makes me feel
better is that we never had him."